My hobbies

Computer programming

I have been programming computers since I was 16, starting in high-school on the Texas Instruments TI-59:
then in BASIC and Z80 assembler on the Sinclair ZX81:
(I still have the complete printed and self-analysed ROM disassembly), then moving to Pascal, FORTRAN and C during my study of theoretical chemistry and physics. I have helped develop computer models of chemical reactions, first on vector super computers like the CYBER205, the Cray XMP and YMP, then on parallel supercomputers like the IBM SP1 and SP2. (Object) Pascal is my favourite programming language, one of the reasons being that I can still easily read and understand Pascal programs that I have written 20 years ago, which I can hardly say of my Fortran and C programs. Historically Pascal compiler availability has been poor (although that has changed in the recent years with the arrival of the Free Pascal Compiler) which is why my freeware chess program ZZZZZZ and draughts program GWD4 have been developed in C.

Playing the piano

I have been playing the piano since I was 8, practicing up to two hours per day until I was 18. I found little time for playing during my university study, and started playing again when I was 26.

Other interests

I have a general interest in science and mathematics, and I often use Mathematica to explore mathematics.

Current projects

I am calculating the exact distance to mate endgame databases for Polish draughts using an OpenMPI based parallel version of the algorithm described by Wu and Beal.
I am implementing parallel alpha-beta search in my polish draughts program GWD.